Body Theatre’s Artistic Director, Clare Preuss, is the new Associate Artistic Director at Volcano Theatre!  This internship is made by Theatre Ontario’s Professional Theatre Training Program, funded by the Ontario Arts Council. This position coincides with her continued dedication to Body Theatre.


“I am excited about my newly begun Associate Artistic Directorship at Volcano Theatre.  This training is essential to my growth as a Director and the Artistic Director of Body Theatre.  Volcano is at the forefront of innovative, experimental and interdisciplinary new Canadian theatre development and production.  They tour their shows nationally and internationally and are focused on work that is often political and always intellectually and viscerally engaging.  Both Artistic Director Ross Manson and General Manager Meredith Potter are generously sharing information and experience that will help me develop my abilities to direct and produce efficiently and effectively.

I am continually taking classes to develop my skills as a director and choreographer and I am delighted that Volcano has offered free attendance at both their 2014 and  2015 conservatories.  I have taken classes at this training program in the past and feel that they are some of the best workshops in the country for developing the kind of skills I need.

My passion to serve the community as a Director and Artistic Director leads me to seek out and collaborate with revolutionary artists whose political, poetic and truth-filled work is conducive to my highly collaborative, socially conscious, physically rigorous approach to theatre creation.  I am an avid member of the Canadian theatre community and am keen to continue developing my directorial practice through exciting associations with companies like Volcano, whose work is in alignment with my intent as a Director and the Artistic Director of Body Theatre.

Many thanks to Volcano, Theatre Ontario and the Ontario Arts Council for this incredibly useful opportunity”

Clare Preuss

For more information about Volcano Theatre, check out their website at http://volcano.ca/


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