SummerWorks Round Up!

Many thanks to NOW Magazine for naming Salome’s Clothes in five OUTSTANDING categories in the NOW SummerWorks roundup: play, production, ensemble, direction and design.

Cheers to the whole team for their collaboration and thanks to all audiences who came out to see Salome’s Clothes!


Globe and Mail Review

Thanks to Martin Morrow for this insightful review!

“But the one that really reached out and touched me – no, make that, blindsided me – was Salome’s Clothes. Donna-Michelle St. Bernard’s stunning new play draws a subtle parallel between the personal and political as she examines the compromises we make for material comfort. Karen Robinson claws at our hearts as the loving single mother of two teenage girls, who turns a blind eye to some terrible truths in return for financial stability. Forget technology – there’s nothing like a great live performance to make a room full of people feel connected.”

Globe and Mail, Monday, August 12, 2013


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Review By Jon Kaplan NOW Rating: NNNN

A single mother (Karen Robinson) tries to shield her two daughters (Neema Bickersteth and Virgilia Griffith) from the world and better their lot, but in taking care of them invites trouble into their close-knit family. Donna-Michelle St. Bernard’s script is strong and poetic, both playful and thoughtful. An unexpected time shift late in the show suggests that this is a two-act play waiting to be born. Even now, though, the splendid cast and Clare Preuss’s inventive direction make this a festival standout.

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Richard Lee ON BOARD!

We’re delighted to welcome Richard Lee as Sound Consultant for Salome’s Clothes at SummerWorks!  Richard is a sound designer, actor, fight director and theatre producer.  Sound Design credits include paperSERIES (Cahoots), China Doll (Nightwood Theatre), Late & Black Medea (Obsidian Theatre Company), Bear With Me (Nightwood Theatre), Almighty Voice and His Wife (Native Earth Performing Arts), Death of a Chief (Native Earth Performing Arts/ National Arts Centre) His accomplishments have garnered him multiple Dora Mavor Moore nominations and awards.

Tarragon, Richard Lee

NOW shout out!

We agree with NOW Magazine – Karen Robinson is wonderful!

Delighted to have the amazing ensemble of Karen, Neema Bickersteth and Virgilia Griffith on stage in Salome’s Clothes opening at SummerWorks August 9.

Plus check out Karen in Entitlement at SummerWorks.
So many great offerings at thefestival – AUGUST 8 TO 18.

Neema Bickersteth, Karen Robinson, Virgilia Griffith Photo by Karl Ang

Neema Bickersteth, Karen Robinson, Virgilia Griffith
Photo by Karl Ang

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swap THANKS!

Many thanks to all who came to the SWAP and supported our SummerWorks fundraiser for Salome’s Clothes.  Special thanks to host Jane Ford, dr drea and ergo sum for their wonderful entertainment.  We appreciate all the volunteers who helped with so many aspects of the event.  So great to have amazing raffle prizes on hand donated by local businesses.  Extra special thanks to Buddies in Bad Times Theatre for donating space for the SUMMER SWAP.  What an inspiring and community building evening that was.  See you at SummerWorks!