Theatre Reviews

Salome’s Clothes SummerWorks 2013

Donna-Michelle St. Bernard’s subtle yet powerful script leaves one wanting to shout in protest from one’s seat as the remarkable mother willfully blinds herself in the name of stability and comfort.”

Artsvox, August 12, 2013

The splendid cast and Clare Preuss’s inventive direction and the design by Michelle Ramsay (lighting) and Andrea Schregenberger (set and costume) make this a festival standout.”

NNNN – Now Magazine, Jon Kaplan, August 10, 2013

…the one that really reached out and touched me – no, make that, blindsided me – was Salome’s Clothes. Donna-Michelle St. Bernard’s stunning new play draws a subtle parallel between the personal and political as she examines the compromises we make for material comfort. Karen Robinson claws at our hearts as the loving single mother of two teenage girls, who turns a blind eye to some terrible truths in return for financial stability. Forget technology – there’s nothing like a great live performance to make a room full of people feel connected.”

Globe and Mail, Martin Morrow, August 12, 2013



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